Robin Ganahl

Tustin Team Lead


I used to ignore the headlines about climate change because I felt helpless to do anything about it. But when I took off my blinders and realized my daughters’ futures are in danger if we don’t act fast, my instinct to protect them took over and I decided to do whatever I could to get us on a better path. I became hopeful when I learned about how Mothers Out Front teams in Massachusetts were convincing leaders to enact policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I started the first California team because I know there are mothers in the same boat that I was in who either don’t yet realize the threat climate change poses to their kids or who want to do something but don’t know where to start. And I know together we will make a difference!



Trisha Burga

I'm involved with Mothers Out Front because I want a better natural environment for my daughter and all children. Climate change is not happening in a far-off future -- it's happening NOW. It impacts us all and is a non-partisan issue that we can do something about. Mothers are strong, mothers are concerned and mothers are mobilizing to do whatever we can to protect our children's and our planet's future. Join us!


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