Thank San Jose City Council & Mayor Liccardo for passing gas ban & reach code!

In September and October of 2019, due to the amazing advocacy of mothers and others, Mayor Liccardo and the San Jose City Councilmembers took three huge steps to protect our climate, health, pocketbooks and safety by voting unanimously to:

• declare a climate emergency,

• pass a strong building "reach code" to incentivize the construction of all-electric new buildings and EV parking, and 

• ban the use of dirty "natural" gas infrastructure in several types of new buildings. 

These actions place San Jose squarely at the head of the pack of climate-smart cities in the nation! 


Please thank the Mayor and City Councilmembers for their climate leadership by sending a quick email right now. Here is a sample email (feel free to personalize):

Subject line: Thank you for your climate leadership! 

Dear Mayor Liccardo and Councilmember ____________, 

As a [mother/father/aunt/uncle/resident] I commend you for the terrific climate leadership you showed by taking three huge steps to protect our climate, health, pocketbooks and safety by (1) declaring a climate emergency, (2) passing a strong building reach code to incentivize all-electric new construction and EV parking, and (3) prohibiting “natural” (methane) gas infrastructure in new single-family homes, low-rise residential buildings, detached accessory dwelling units, and municipal buildings. Recognizing the danger that fracked methane gas poses to our climate, our health and our safety, we are very grateful to you, your colleagues and City staff for leading the way to a healthy, safe and equitable future for all children. We look forward to supporting you to take even more climate-smart actions. Thank you! 


Please send your email to: 

• Mayor Liccardo at:

• The City Councilmembers at, after replacing the # symbol with the number of the City Council district (for example, If you don't know your district, you can find it here or email all 10 of them!

• CC the City Clerk at and us at

(so we can track how many thank yous are sent) 

Finally, copy your message and share it with your friends, urging them to send an email, too. 


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