South Bay/San Jose


Rebecca Habermann 

House Party Coordinator

I have always had a great love for nature. As a young girl, I was enthralled with John Muir’s descriptions of the Sierra Nevada and Ansel Adams’ photography. My early interest in environmentalism has deepened since becoming a mother and learning about the threat climate change poses to my child and future generations. As a family, we do what we can to lower our carbon footprint. And I teach my daughter that if you want change, you need to be part of the change. Believing that each person can make a difference I joined Mothers Out Front. I hope to inspire others to see their potential to make a difference in making our world a healthier and safer place to live.



Linda Hutchins-Knowles 

Team Co-Founder & Coach


Before becoming a mother, there was nothing I wanted more in the world than to have children. Now that I’ve been blessed with two precious daughters, there is nothing I want more than a safe world for them to live in. I’ve grown increasingly concerned about the threat climate destabilization poses to all of us, especially children.  One day, it hit me that if I, as a parent, am not willing to advocate for a livable climate, who do I think will care more?  So I co-founded the South Bay Mothers Out Front team to inspire and mobilize parents, channeling our mama-bear love into effective climate action. It's exhilarating to know that we’re really making a difference, and that gives me hope for the future. When I’m not saving the planet, I enjoy biking, reading, speaking español, and hanging out with family and friends.



Martina Keim 

Team Co-Coordinator

Coming from Europe, I know that—with combined effort—a lot can be done to stabilize our climate. I felt I needed to do something, but what? It took me quite some time and raising two boys to understand that every person counts to make a difference in this matter. Mothers Out Front gives me the platform to be part of a wonderful group, led by passionate mothers who care about our climate and future generations. How can you as a mom not want to be part of it? I am a Junior-K teacher and I feel the urge to protect and preserve nature for all children. I also enjoy hanging out with my family, singing in the German choir, learning the Ukulele, knitting, and writing journals.



Stacy Levy

Team Co-Founder & Facebook page manager

I co-founded a local Mothers Out Front team because I believe that, with the love we parents and child advocates have for our children, we can do almost anything. As a mother of three amazing sons, I want to model being active, constructive, and responsible. I also want to do my part to ensure that the planet our children inherit is able to support them. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time in nature, playing board games with my family, reading, and cooking.


Amanda Senior

Team Co-Coordinator

When my first son was born, I started taking concrete steps to live sustainably, including cloth diapering and eating vegan. I was doing what I could to keep a cleaner earth, but never knew I could make a bigger impact. Then I met Linda, a mom who was empowering others to make their voices heard as part of a Mothers Out Front team.  I knew at once that Mothers Out Front was for me and joined the team’s campaign for Community Choice Energy (CCE). I eagerly asked friends to sign postcards for CCE, attended City Council, and even gave public testimony there in May. At the end of that meeting, the City Councilmembers and Mayor voted unanimously for CCE! Our team stood and applauded and the entire audience followed – possibly the first standing ovation in City Council history! Mothers Out Front has empowered me, providing a platform where I can do what I love and what is necessary - working with others towards a livable climate for all of Earth's inhabitants.



Stephanie Snow

Data Co-Coordinator

I am a native Californian and a mom of three girls. My parents have always been strong environmentalists and conservationists, so these values were instilled in me from a young age. I have always tried to do my part to conserve materials, recycle, and adopt a greener lifestyle. But as I hear more and more about the imminent threat of climate change on our planet, I am realizing that action on a bigger level is necessary too. I am excited to be part of the South Bay Mothers Out Front team so that I can contribute to city, county and statewide campaigns to fight climate change. Being part of a supportive team of moms who share my passion for helping the planet is rewarding and comforting. In my spare time I like to read, walk my dog, do yoga, and volunteer at my children's schools.



Anne Stauffer

Communications Coordinator

I have loved Nature all my life. Growing up in Bakersfield, I was surrounded by farmland, cotton fields, Kit foxes, and the stillness of the desert. Today, buildings and homes have replaced the open fields I once played in and the beloved Kit fox is an endangered species. Protecting Nature and its bounty is a priority, not just for my children (and now grandchildren!) but for all the living creatures that inhabit this Earth. I am an advocate for green energy policies that reduce CO2 emissions as well as regenerative agricultural policies that reduce CO2 emissions and protect soil, water, biodiversity, and food systems. Through Mothers Out Front, I have found a dedicated group of mothers who, like me, are driven to create and protect a healthy livable climate for our future generations. 



Angie Zacherl 

Outreach Coordinator

Climate change was a common topic in my household growing up. My mother always told me "do what you can". She always recycled, re-purposed, and did things like replacing our wood stove with a more environmentally friendly alternative. Now that I am also a mother, I would like to take her beliefs and go further. Mothers Out Front gives me an effective medium to make our world healthier—and make new friends in the process. In my spare time I love to play my flute, snuggle my kids and take my dogs on hikes. 

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