San José/Silicon Valley



We are Mothers Out Front Silicon Valley!

Here in Silicon Valley, we are mobilizing a powerful grassroots network of mothers and others to push for policies advancing renewable energy, climate justice, climate mitigation, and climate adaptation. 

We have used our growing power in the community to support several successful campaigns, including:

  • Community Choice Energy for San José (establishing San José Clean Energy)
  • Senate Bill 100 (accelerating California's transition to 100% zero-carbon electricity) 
  • Last Chance Alliance (urging Gov. Brown and now Gov. Newsom to lead a just transition off fossil fuels)
  • Climate Smart San José (creating a plan to dramatically reduce our city's emissions and save water)
  • Protect Coyote Valley (preserving nearly 1000 acres of natural and working lands--and more to come!)

  • Building electrification reach codes and fossil-fuel gas bans (helping to pass all-electric ordinances for new buildings in Cupertino, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Saratoga, and San Jose) 

  • San José Climate Smart Challenge community engagement project (inspiring and engaging San José's diverse communities to support their neighbors to make climate-smart choices to reduce their climate impact, save money, and get fit) 

Our leadership and effectiveness were recognized when the San José City Council named Mothers Out Front South Bay (Silicon Valley) "2019 Climate Smart Champion of the Year"! We are proud members of the Protect Coyote Valley campaign, the Campaign for Fossil-Free Buildings in Silicon Valley and Last Chance Alliance

You can lend your voice to the cause with as much or as little effort as you would like to give. Join our parent-powered campaigns to protect the environment for future generations!

7/19/2020 Update: We've changed our name from Mothers Out Front South Bay to Mothers Out Front Silicon Valley!