WIN! SB 100 is Signed into Law!

Victory! History was made on September 10th in California, as Governor Brown signed into law SB 100, Senator Kevin De León's landmark bill that will fast-track California’s transition to 100% clean energy. It represents a victory of people over polluters, through a grassroots coalition of environmental, business, labor, consumer, science and faith-based groups—and moms!

Congratulations to the Mothers Out Front San Jose team, whose persistent advocacy of their Assemblymember, Evan Low, helped to secure his vote. Thanks also to the new Mothers Out Front team in San Francisco, who joined them in lobbying for SB 100 and whose Assemblymembers, Phil Ting and David Chiu, co-authored the bill. Everyone is thrilled that over a year of hard work has paid off with such an important win, making California only the second state in the nation (after Hawai'i) to commit to 100% clean energy by 2045—and to 50% clean energy by 2026. 



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