Environmental activists urge VTA to shift funds from highway projects to mass transit

In December, Martina Keim was quoted in a San José Spotlight article about youth, mothers, and other concerned residents advocating for increased funding for public transit at a recent Valley Transportation Authority board meeting: 

Earlier in the meeting, the students received support from the South Bay chapter of Mothers Out Front: Mobilizing for a Livable Climate.

“San Jose is expected to grow its population to 1.3 million,” coordinator Martina Keim said. “We are already experiencing a high density of traffic. And it is crucial for all of us to make this change now. It will help to reduce congestion, improve air quality and public health and go toward San Jose’s goal to be carbon free, since vehicle traffic is the leading source of carbon emissions.”

Martina speaking at the VTA meeting 


Read the whole story:

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