San Jose Mothers Celebrate Rising!

23 members of the Mothers Out Front South Bay (San Jose) team celebrated our recent big wins with a picnic in the park today. We showed off the vibrant yellow shirts we got for the Rise for Climate march.



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We are pretty pumped up about:

  1. helping to pass SB 100, accelerating 100% clean energy in CA,
  2. helping to mobilize over 100 people to Rise for Climate and march with Mothers Out Front in San Francisco on 9/8, and
  3. getting invited to provide two speakers for the opening ceremony of San Jose Clean Energy, the Community Choice Energy program we advocated so effectively for.  

Everyone enjoyed the snacks & socializing, welcoming new members and reconnecting with long-time members.




We talked about next steps for our team, including educating the public about Climate Smart San Jose, our city’s ambitious new sustainability plan, and urging Governor Brown to use his Last Chance (final 3 months in office) to demonstrate true climate leadership by ending all permits for new oil & gas drilling and imposing a 2500-foot buffer zone between oil & gas drilling operations and sensitive sites like homes & schools. 

Anne explained Phase 2 of the San Jose Climate Smart plan, where natural working lands in Coyote Valley and other places will be used to drawdown carbon; we'll educate the public about this as well.  

We gave certificates of appreciation to our volunteers (both moms & kids) and thanked them for their unique contributions to our recent accomplishments. Here are some highlights.


CA_San_Jose_Post_Rise_Cele_20180923_1391.jpg  CA_San_Jose_Post_Rise_Cele_20180923_1400.jpg  CA_San_Jose_Post_Rise_Cele_20180923_1403.jpg

CA_San_Jose_Post_Rise_Cele_20180923_3854.jpg  CA_San_Jose_Post_Rise_Cele_20180923_3849.jpg  CA_San_Jose_Post_Rise_Cele_20180923_3857.jpg


Finally, we ate a delicious cake decorated with this inscription:  “Mothers are Rising! (for) CCE (and) SB 100!"



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