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Governor Newsom:

As concerned parents, grandparents and others who love children, we urge you to do everything in your power to address the public-health and climate emergency in our state. When your house is on fire, it's time to Stop, Drop and Roll: 

1. STOP new fossil fuel projects: Lead by issuing no new permits for oil & gas extraction, fossil fuel infrastructure, or petrochemical projects in California. Keep it in the ground!

2. DROP existing production: Announce a phase out of existing production in line with the Paris climate goals and a just & equitable transition that protects workers & communities. 

3. ROLL Out science-based setbacks: Create a 2500-foot health and safety buffer zone between fossil-fuel infrastructure and homes, schools, & other sensitive sites.

Please show bold climate leadership by ensuring that "California for All" means a safe and healthy California for all.

Thank you!

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