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In California, we are taking action on four levels:


• IN OUR HOMES: boosting energy efficiency, switching to clean-energy sources, and avoiding peak energy hours as strategies to reduce pollution and increase demand for renewable energy

• IN OUR CITIES: driving the adoption of climate-smart and equitable policies that reduce our cities' greenhouse gas pollution and protect vulnerable residents from climate impacts 

• IN OUR STATE: working as part of the Last Chance Alliance to promote supply-side solutions to climate change and to protect frontline communities from the harmful health impacts of oil and gas drilling and refining 

• IN OUR NATION: urging our Representatives and Senators to support a Green New Deal that accelerates the transition to 100% clean energy while driving the creation of new green-energy jobs and protecting those currently working in the fossil-fuel industry.

We invite you to support our efforts at one or more of these levels!


Green New Deal postcard


• Green New Deal: Mothers Out Front stands in solidarity with our youth and our workers in urging federal support for a Green New Deal in order to accelerate the transition to 100% clean energy while driving the creation of new green-energy, union jobs and protecting those currently working in the fossil-fuel industry.

This Mother's Day, we're asking Senator Feinstein and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to step up to this moment and help us create a just, healthy, and livable world by co-sponsoring the Green New Deal. Resting on our laurels or promoting half-measures is not enough. With wildfires, floods, drought, and sea-level rise ravaging our state--and only 11 years to act before climate destabilization becomes irreversible--we need bold climate leadership, now. 

TAKE ACTION NOW: Help us amplify our message to Senator Feinstein by signing our Mother's Day Green New Deal postcard here!




Last Chance Alliance Graphic


Mothers Out Front California is pushing for environmental justice and bold climate action on the state level as well. We are currently working on three statewide campaigns: 

(1) Last Chance Alliance campaign: We're proud to participate in this alliance of over 800 environmental, health, justice, faith, labor, community, parent, indigenous-rights, and consumer organizations from California and around the world who are collectively calling on Governor Newsom to proactively respond to the climate and public-health emergency and:

1. STOP new fossil-fuel projects: Issue no new permits for oil and gas extraction in CA. Keep it in the ground!

2. DROP existing oil and gas production: Announce a just and equitable transition that protects workers and communities. 

3. ROLL Out setbacks: Create 2500’ health and safety buffer zones between fossil-fuel projects and homes, schools, etc. 


TAKE ACTION NOW: Sign our petition to Governor Newsom! 


(2) Setback limits! We're standing in solidarity with frontline environmental justice leaders to support AB 345 (Muratsuchi), a landmark bill which would, for the first time in California history, mandate a 2,500-foot health and safety buffer zone between new oil and gas wells and and sensitive sites (including schools, daycare centers, residential homes and hospitals).

Oil and gas extraction poses severe environmental, health, and safety risks to nearby communities, which are disproportionately low-income communities and communities of color. Buffer zones are essential to create a safe distance between drilling operations and these vulnerable populations. It's unconscionable that California is the only oil-producing state that doesn't yet mandate such science-based buffer zones to protect residents. California can and must do better than this!  

Stay tuned for an action alert to call your Assemblymember to urge her or him to support AB 345! 


(3) Oil Money Out campaign: Mothers Out Front understands that preserving a livable climate depends, in many ways, on restoring a functioning democracy, where elected officials truly represent their constituents, not the fossil-fuel industry. Therefore, we support the "Oil Money Out, People Power In" campaign to reduce the glut of Big Oil and Gas money currently polluting our democracy. 



Are you frustrated when the profits of oil companies are prioritized over the livability of our planet? When important initiatives to protect our health and safety are stymied time and again by the influence of Big Oil?  

Then join us in supporting the Oil Money Out, People Power In campaign!  

Effective action on climate change depends on minimizing the influence of oil money on our democracy. The fossil fuel industry is the biggest, most powerful, and wealthiest industry the Earth has ever seen -- and in order to take back our democracy and protect our children, our climate and our health, we must get their money out of the political system.   

TAKE ACTION NOW: Support the statewide coalition fighting oil money by joining the movement here: https://www.oilmoneyout.com/about/




San José Residents:  

Protect Coyote Valley! 

Mothers Out Front South Bay (San Jose) is excited to be an active partner in the Protect Coyote Valley campaign, a grassroots initiative to protect the largest remaining open space in San José from industrial development. In November of 2018, San José residents passed Measure T by an overwhelming majority. We are now urging the San José City Council to follow the will of the voters by allocating all available Measure T funds ($50 million) for land conservation in Coyote Valley. This will reduce the risk of flooding (particularly in historically marginalized communities) and increase climate resilience, protecting both people and nature. 

TAKE ACTION NOW: Sign a postcard to YOUR San José Council Member! We'll deliver these in person to City Hall for maximum impact.

TAKE ANOTHER ACTION: Use this simple form to send a personalized email to YOUR San José City Council Member urging her or him to protect Coyote Valley. (You don't even need to know who your Council Member is: our tool will quickly identify her or him based on your address. Cool, huh?) 

San Francisco Residents: 

Our Mothers Out Front San Francisco team is thrilled to have played a role in helping convince the Board of Supervisors to vote, unanimously, for a Climate Emergency Resolution in April, 2019! The team is now a stakeholder in the process of creating an actionable plan to address the climate emergency. Stay in the loop by following the team on Facebook! 


Woodland, Davis and Sacramento Residents: 

Our Mothers Out Front Capital Region team is excited to urge the City of Woodland to declare a Climate Emergency. Stay in the loop by following the team on Facebook!

San Diego Residents: 

We are forming a new Mothers Out Front team in San Diego!

Take action: If you'd like to be part of the team, please indicate your interest here!




HomeIntel / MOF flyer


(1) Boost your energy efficiency--and reduce your utility bills!

Mothers Out Front is partnering with HomeIntel to help residents (both renters and owners) get free energy coaching. This is an amazing opportunity to get a no-cost, personalized energy analysis that will help identify simple ways to reduce your energy waste--and lower your utility bills. If you're ready to Go Green and Save Green in your own home, sign up now for your free consultation.


(2) Upgrade to 100% clean energy--and be a climate hero! 

How would it feel to know that all of the energy your home or apartment uses comes from clean-energy sources?  Most Californians now have the option to source 100% clean energy for a nominal extra cost. Help drive up the demand for renewable energy by upgrading YOUR energy source today!

• San Jose Clean Energy customers: Upgrade to TotalGreen for 100% Renewable Energy!

• Silicon Valley Clean Energy customers: Upgrade to GreenPrime for 100% Renewable Energy!

• San Francisco's CleanPowerSF customers: Upgrade to SuperGreen for 100% Renewable Energy! 

• Valley Clean Energy customers (Davis, Woodland, unincorporated Yolo County): Upgrade to UltraGreen for 100% Renewable Energy!

• PG&E Customers: Upgrade to 100% Solar Energy with SolarChoice! 


(3) OhmConnect: Save energy during peak-demand times!

Do you want a simple (and free) way to conserve energy at home? Shhhh...don’t wake the sleeping peaker plant!

Peaker plants are the power plants that produce the most air pollution, so they are only used when needed to meet times of peak electricity demand. About 15% of air pollution from electricity comes from the use of these peaker plants just 1% of the time. So if we reduce our energy use during those peak times, it has a big beneficial impact on our air quality and climate!

Join our Mothers Out Front OhmConnect team to get text alerts when it’s going to be a time of peak demand, or, as OhmConnect calls it, an “OhmHour”. If you save energy during an OhmHour, you save money, reduce the need for expensive, polluting, gas-fired peaker plants, and we get a donation. That helps us expand to more communities!

Transitioning to renewable energy is much easier if we use less energy. So join OhmConnect and help speed up the transition to renewables, while supporting Mothers Out Front at the same time!

Have a smart thermostat? It conserves automatically during an OhmHour! And you can always skip an OhmHour if it’s not a convenient time to power down. 




Thank you for taking action, whether in your home, city, state, and/or nation. We are the ones we've been waiting for, and we're grateful for each and everyone of you who is joining our movement to help us provide a healthy environment today and a livable climate tomorrow for all children.


If you're not already a member of Mothers Out Front, please join today!

Thank you!!!

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