Send a message to Governor Brown with our "Kids Draw for Brown" project

A picture speaks a thousand words. Help us send powerful pictures from children so we can grab Governor Brown's attention! He needs to know that kids, mothers and others want him to use his final weeks in office to take one more action to protect our children, our communities, and our climate. 

                            Karina's vision of a healthy climate: 


We appreciate Governor Brown showing leadership on climate and signing SB 100 (for 100% clean energy for CA) into law this fall.

We are deeply disappointed, though, that despite his eloquent words about climate change, Governor Brown has granted over 20,000 new permits for dirty oil and gas projects and continues to allow toxic oil & gas drilling right next door to homes and schools, threatening the health of millions of Californians.

Before leaving office in January, we ask Governor Brown to declare a freeze on new drilling permits and require a protective buffer between drilling and sensitive sites like homes and schools! 

Here’s how you can help us get this message through to Governor Brown: 


(1) Ask the children in your life to create original drawings for Governor Brown that illustrates the kind of climate they want to live in. What does a healthy climate look like to them? Fresh air? Clean water? Healthy trees? Have them sign their drawing with their first name and age (and town if in California). 


(2) Write a brief note on the back explaining your relationship to the child artist and asking Governor Brown to make their vision a reality by stopping new permits for oil and gas drilling in California and requiring a minimum setback between drilling operations and homes and schools. Here's the note Karina's mom wrote: 

Dear Governor Brown,

Before you leave office in January, please make my daughter’s vision for a healthy climate a reality. STOP all new oil and gas permits in California and REQUIRE a setback of 2500' between drilling operations and homes and schools. As a mother, I urge you to leave no stone unturned in fulfilling your sacred duty to protect the people, children and climate of California and seal your climate legacy. Thank you. 


(3) Take photos of the drawing and note (and of the artist holding it if you like) and email the photos to us at [email protected]. By doing so, you give permission for the photos to be used by Mothers Out Front without compensation, including posting on social media. 


(4) As a bonus, send this link to parents and teachers you know, with a personal note inviting them to participate. The more drawings that are sent, the bigger the impact!


Thanks for helping our message get through! 



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