1st House Party in San Francisco!

Sixteen women, including a grandmother-daughter-granddaughter trio, attended the first-ever Mothers Out Front house party in San Francisco on Sunday. When sharing what inspired them to attend the house party, a common theme emerged: a deep commitment to social justice, and a growing realization that social justice and climate justice are deeply intertwined. Many moms also shared that they’ve been concerned about the climate crisis for quite a while, but just didn’t know what to do about it, beyond personal changes to their own lifestyles. They were excited to learn how to become “influencers,” as one guest put it, to help drive policy changes for a much bigger impact, in ways that are manageable within busy lives. 


Rather than designing their own campaign, the San Francisco women will start by supporting the San Jose team’s two campaigns, especially influencing the local Air District (which meets in San Francisco) to prevent tar sands from being refined in Bay Area refineries. Having them "shirt up & show up" at Air District meetings will greatly amplify Mothers Out Front’s impact and visibility, building our power as mothers to ensure a livable climate for all children.


Listening to each other’s stories: 






3 generations of women at one house party! (granddaughter, mother, grandmother):


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