Mothers Out Front & allies ask Gov Brown to show true climate leadership

Mothers Out Front and allies from around the state called on Governor Brown to show true climate leadership, five months ahead of a Global Climate Summit in San Francisco.

Two members of the Mothers Out Front South Bay community team spoke at the San Francisco press conference launching the Brown’s Last Chance campaign, along with leaders of Idle No More SF BayCentral California Environmental Justice Network,  Greenpeace, Breast Cancer Action, and Youth Vs. Apocalypse – 350 Bay Area

The mothers pointed out that fighting for renewable energy is just 50% of the battle; the other 50% is leaving fossil fuels in the ground. CA's kids deserve 100% effort. 50% is an F!

Watch a video of the event here. (Scroll to approximately minute 18:51 for Rebecca’s & Linda’s comments.)  

#BrownsLastChance, #StepUp2018

Billboard in downtown San Francisco: 



Brown’s Last Chance press conference: 



Mothers (and others) Out Front:



Wisdom from our kids: 


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