URGENT: Sign this petition to DEFEND SB 100, CA's landmark clean-energy bill which is under attack!



Help! Don’t let special interests get away with gutting SB 100, California’s new landmark 100% Clean Energy law that so many of us worked so hard to past last year!


Sign this petition NOW to tell your CA state senator to vote NO on SB 386, an awful bill that would create a dangerous loophole and stall our state's clean-energy progress--right at the time when we need action the most! 


Thank you for helping to #SaveSB100 by ensuring that the CA Senate says #NoOnSB386! No loopholes, no delay! 

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We call on the CA State Senate to defend California’s clean-energy progress by voting NO on SB 386.


Special interests are pushing SB 386, a misguided bill that would create a loophole in our vital Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). California's landmark new climate law, SB 100, mandates that 60% of our state's electricity must come from renewable energy sources by 2030 (and 100% from zero-carbon sources by 2045).


SB 100 was carefully written to PREVENT large-scale hydropower (big dams) from counting toward that 60% RPS target so that we can instead drive up demand for new solar, wind and geothermal projects that would create thousands of new jobs, clean up our air, and drive down the cost of renewable energy.


SB 386 would give two districts an exemption--basically a free pass--allowing them to count an existing dam towards the 60% RPS target. As a result, they'd likely be able to hit the 60% target without having to procure any more renewable energy for at least five to ten years--and without reducing their current reliance on electricity from dirty “natural” gas and coal, which pollute the air.


If these two districts are given a loophole, you can be sure that all the other districts with large hydroelectric projects will demand the same. Going down that slippery slope would greatly stall California’s progress toward our clean-energy goals—right at the time when action to preserve a livable climate is more urgent than ever.


Can we count on you to defend CA’s clean-energy progress and vote NO on SB 386?


Thank you!


P.S. For more information, read this powerful letter from a coalition of more than 40 groups, including Mothers Out Front, Sierra Club California, Environment California, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Union of Concerned Scientists. 


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