Help California Reach 100% Clean Electricity: Let’s Pass Senate Bill 100




The bill, authored by Kevin de León, will speed our state’s move to clean energy— by requiring state agencies, utilities, and businesses to plan for a zero-carbon economy on an accelerated schedule.

  • Speeds up the state’s current 50% renewable energy standard to 2026 (from 2030)

  • Targets 60% renewable by 2030

  • Sets a new goal: 100% of California’s electricity will be carbon-free by 2045


Can we do it? Yes we can!

Take Action Now!

  • For those in Silicon Valley, we especially need your calls to Evan Low’s office:  916-319-2028.

Tell the staff member that you support SB 100—and 100% Clean Electricity for California. Ask that the Assembly member vote YES on SB 100 when it comes to the full Assembly for next year, and to do all she or he can to get other representatives to vote for it, too. Thank you! 

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