Mothers Out Front California Committed to Stopping COVID-19



In the wake of the global pandemic of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), Governor Newsom has played a leadership role in the effort to protect public health by making California the first state in the nation to issue a “Stay At Home” order. This mandate ordered over 40 million Californians to stay at home and the shutdown of schools and non-essential businesses. 

Our California Organizing Team is committed to following California’s guidelines to stop the rapid spread of COVID-19. For our team to carry out our mission in a safe manner, and to respond to the emerging needs of our members, there will be immediate changes to our 2020 California Organizing Plan. That plan will be revised in the following ways:      


  • Support our Local Community Teams: 

We stand ready to support the direct needs of our members impacted by the COVID-19 health and economic crisis. Some teams may wish to forge ahead with their local campaigns and others will need to put them on pause to attend to more immediate needs in their communities.


  • Participation in the Last Chance Alliance 

Our team is committed to amplifying the Last Chance Alliance demands by supporting environmental justice communities to have input into the California Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM) rulemaking process so we can advocate for public health regulations for oil and gas operations near sensitive sites such as homes, schools and daycares.

We will also circulate statements and petitions to prevent fossil-fuel corporations from benefiting from COVID-19 stimulus packages and to ensure that they don't exploit the COVID-19 crisis by securing exemptions from California’s regulatory standards. Our team will help protect workers by demanding a just transition from a fossil-fuel extractive economy to a regenerative economy based on clean, renewable energy with family-supportive union jobs.  


  • Formation and launch of the California Leadership Team 

We will form a California Leadership Team (CALT) to help set statewide strategy and support our community teams’ needs. The CALT will be composed of at least one representative from each of our community teams. These representatives will meet virtually once per month and will email each other about sign-on requests to support legislation and allied campaigns. We are committed to closing the digital divide by providing digital resources and support to any leader interested in serving on CALT who lacks the necessary technology hardware or broadband access. 


  • Mothers Out Front California Convening 2020 

Following California’s mandate and Center for Disease Control guidelines, the in-person 2020 Mothers Out Font California convening will be postponed until 2021. In lieu of hosting an in-person convening, the team will host a virtual meet-and-greet for members across the state to connect with one another and share their personal narratives about their passion for environmental justice and climate action. 


  • Earth Day Global Climate Strikes (Earth Day Live)

To support our 2020 National Priorities, our team is committed to participate in the youth-lead Earth Day climate strikes virtually. Our state has two Global Climate Strike promotora contractors who are recruiting mothers and others from environmental justice and frontline communities to uplift their voices against the threats of the climate crisis, COVID-19 pandemic and the deepening economic recession.


In conclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and climate crisis pose a threat to our families, especially those from communities of color and low-income communities. Mothers Out Front in California are more than ever committed to protect and advocate for a healthy, safe and just future.  



Sharon Torres, Member of Capital Region Team 

Nichole Manning, Member of Fresno Team 

Maria C Villanueva, Member of San Diego Team 

Maia Piccagli, Member of San Francisco Team 

Susan Butler-Graham, Member of South Bay Team 

Adelita Serena, Capital Region Organizer 

Linda Hutchins-Knowles, California Senior Organizer 

Sandy Naranjo, California Organizer Manager 

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