• South Bay Team named San Jose’s Climate Champion of the Year!

    Posted by · April 17, 2019 10:54 AM

    In an official ceremony at San Jose City Hall in March, the Mothers Out Front South Bay team was named San Jose’s 2019 Climate Champion of the Year, sharing this honor with our good allies, San José Community Energy Advocates! And three of the young members of our team were named 2019 Youth Climate Champions of the Year!

    Congratulations to our moms and youth, and thank you for your leadership!


  • San Francisco Press Conference for Climate Emergency Resolution

    Posted by · March 13, 2019 8:46 AM

    Mothers Out Front was a partner at the press conference the San Francisco Board of Supervisors held at City Hall on February 26 to announce their Climate Emergency Resolution!



    Pictured: Anya Deepak, Tamar Cooper, Liliana Peliks, Friday Apaliski, Tina Martin, Kathie Piccagli, and Maia Piccagli


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  • Big Award for San Jose Mothers and Daughters

    Posted by · March 03, 2019 5:54 AM

    Mothers (and Daughters) Out Front in San Jose To Receive Climate Smart Champion Awards!

    San Jose's Environmental Services Department has announced the winners of its first ever Climate Smart Champion awards, recognizing champions in seven different categories. The Mothers Out Front South Bay team is thrilled to have been named Climate Smart Champion of the Year, along with their allies at San José Community Energy Advocates. In addition, three daughters of team members, Anika, Ariana and Karina, were recognized as Youth Climate Champions for their climate advocacy.



    Mothers Out Front South Bay Team


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  • Gas Explosion in San Francisco - February 6, 2019

    Posted by · February 07, 2019 5:30 PM · 1 reaction

    Wednesday, February 6th, construction workers in San Francisco hit a gas main. Their accident set off an explosion that set fire to four buildings, sent people running for their lives and left thousands without power during a cold snap.

    As I watched black smoke rise from an office window downtown, I only had one thought: my kids are over there!




    The explosion occurred less than a mile from my home. It occurred even closer to the homes of many of my kids’ friends. There’s a park with a tree my son loves to climb nearby. My family loves getting weekend dim sum at Hong Kong Lounge II, a restaurant engulfed by flames.

    Today, the dangers posed by natural gas literally hit close to home.

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  • Energizing Climate Smart workshop hosted by Mothers Out Front South Bay team

    Posted by · January 17, 2019 7:07 AM · 1 reaction

    On a rainy and dark Monday evening of 14th January, 26 residents braved the weather to gather at the Cambrian Branch Library on Hillsdale Ave in San Jose for an informational workshop hosted by Mothers Out Front.

    After registration and snacks, the attendees sat down to listen to three dynamic and passionate speakers.



    Kate Ziemba from San Jose Clean Energy described the ins and outs of San Jose’s new Community Choice Energy program. She explained the benefits of SJCE—including lower cost, local control, and clean energy sources—and the three options that residents will have when the program begins its roll-out next month. 

    Steve Schmidt, founder and COO of Home Energy Analytics, presented data on the ways in which homeowners and renters can reduce their energy use. The attendees learned that his no-cost home Intel program helps residents find simple ways to reduce energy consumption and decarbonize their lifestyles through electrification.


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  • OP ED: Make a Livable Climate a New Year's Resolution

    Posted by · January 09, 2019 4:01 PM

    MOTHERS' VOICES IN THE NEWS! Congratulations Erin Robbins and Linda Hutchins-Knowles, members of Mothers Out Front South Bay, for the published OP-ED.

    Get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more about how to write an op-ed and why they are important.

    What moms in San Jose have to say:

    It’s time to stop, drop and roll: STOP new permits for oil and gas drilling, DROP current production in a just, managed transition to clean, green jobs, and ROLL out science-based buffer zones around homes and schools.

    Read it all here:

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  • Mother's Blog: The Second Time

    Posted by · November 21, 2018 12:39 PM · 1 reaction

    Listen to Mother Out Front Laura Finngian-Heil from California:

    This is the second time in my daughter’s short life that she’s seen, smelt, and breathed the acrid smoke wafting from California wildfires.
    She’s two.
    Never before in my life have I experienced anything like this.  And now it’s the norm for my daughter’s.
    But you know what?  I’m glad we’re experiencing the effects.
    Because it means we’re not the only ones.

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  • PODCAST: Learning in Community with Mothers Out Front

    Posted by · October 26, 2018 8:06 AM

    Listen to the Climate X podcast featuring Vanessa Rule, Co-Founder & Director of Learning & Expansion at Mothers Out Front and Stacy Levy, Volunteer Leader of the San Jose Mothers Out Front Team. Find out what's in our "secret sauce," and how mothers are stepping up...and out.


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  • Woodland Moms on the Radio (KDVS)!

    Posted by · October 08, 2018 7:18 AM

    On September 27th, Adelita Serena and Maria Hunt were guests on the radio show “Radio Informar” (KDVS) on behalf of Mothers Out Front. They spoke about ongoing efforts to put pressure on Gov. Brown as well as next steps for the Woodland/Sacramento team. A link should be available soon.



    Thank you, Adelita Serena and Maria Hunt!


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  • Woodland/Sacramento Celebrates #Rising

    Posted by · September 26, 2018 3:33 PM

    Thank you to Adelita Serena for the report-in from Mothers Out Front Woodland/Sacramento on their celebration and planning session after #RiseForClimateJobsJustice!

    Our Mothers Out Front Woodland/Sacramento Team was excited to gather on September 23rd and celebrate our strength in unity that we presented at the Rise for Climate, Jobs, & Justice March in San Francisco! All felt proud after watching the short video I put together. 


    CA_Woodland_Sac_Rise_Cele_Adelita_8274.JPG  CA_Woodland_Sac_Rise_Cele_Adelita_8298.JPG  

    CA_Woodland_Sac_Rise_Cele_Adelita_8290.JPG  CA_Woodland_Sac_Rise_Cele_Adelita_8291.JPG

    Find out how you can connect to the Woodland/Sacramento Mothers Out Front Team!

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