Assemblymember Evan Low: Support SB 100 --- Move California to 100% Clean Electricity!

Please join us in telling Assemblymember Evan Low that you want him to actively support Senate Bill 100, the bill that will set California on the path to 100% clean energy by 2045. 

Assemblymember Evan Low is Co-Chair of the Legislative Technology & Innovation Caucus. He has an opportunity to show his innovative leadership by supporting SB 100, the most important environmental bill of the year.

SB 100 will be on the Assembly floor in August 2018, so the Assemblymembers will be voting soon. A super majority of Californians (72% adults, 67% likely voters) support the 100% goal according to recent polling by the Public Policy Institute of California (p. 19).

We can do this! Tell Assemblymember Low that we want him to listen to the will of the people and do all he can to ensure a livable climate, starting with our passing SB 100. Our kids are counting on him and on us.

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Assemblymember Low: 

In 2015, the state legislature passed SB 350, which set the goal that 50 percent of California's electricity come from renewable energy sources by 2030. The California Energy Commission estimates that already 30 percent of California's electricity in 2017 was derived from renewable sources.

SB 100 would move the 50 percent goal to 2026 for renewable energy and also require that 100 percent of the state's electricity be generated by clean energy sources by 2045.

Be the leader our families and our communities can count on and make the right decision to fuel our future with 100% clean renewable energy.


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