Action and a Victory in San Jose


Rebecca Habermann, Linda Hutchins-Knowles, and other members at San Jose City Council meeting


The South Bay team is celebrating a big milestone in their campaign to Protect Coyote Valley,a 7400-acre stretch of natural and agricultural land. After months of rallying community and Council support, an enthusiastic group of 10 moms and kids delivered to the Councilmembers and Mayor 400 postcards in three languages (English, Spanish, Vietnamese) urging them to protect Coyote Valley from industrial development. On June 11, the Council voted unanimously to consider changes to land use in Coyote Valley in the General Plan update process, a very significant step!


Strong Green New Deal Message to Senator Feinstein




Members Adelita Serena, Sharon Torres, Susan Butler-Graham, Linda Hutchins-Knowles and two other members met with Field Rep. Abby Ellis and two interns at Feinstein's SanFrancisco office.

On June 21, six mothers and others from San Jose and Woodland traveled to San Francisco to deliver 736 hand-signed postcards to Senator Feinstein’s office to urge her to co-sponsor the Green New Deal. Add this to the 165 postcards delivered by the San Francisco team in May, and we’ve given her over 900 postcards!            

The group of six also had a productive meeting with Feinstein’s field representative to discuss the importance of the Green New Deal, deepening the conversation begun by the San Francisco team last month.

Almost the entire bay area delegation to Congress, including Senator Kamala Harris and Representatives Huffman, Garamendi, Thompson, Lee, DeSaulnier, Swalwell, Khanna, Speier, Eshoo, and Lofgren have signed on as co-sponsors of the Green New Deal.  We want Senator Feinstein to join them!


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