Mothers Out Front is growing in California! We now have strong teams in Tustin (Orange County) and the South San Francisco Bay (San José), and are starting to form new teams on the San Francisco Peninsula and in San Diego.  

We’re also excited to have just completed a several-month process of researching expansion opportunities around the state, conducting dozens of interviews with allies in environmental justice and climate organizations. We are now seeking funding to hire staff to ramp up our organizing power in the state, channeling mama-bear protective energy into effective climate action to accelerate a swift, just, and complete transition to 100% renewable energy.  

To be able to effectively challenge the immense power and resources of the fossil fuel industry, we need to build our people power, and that means YOU! Please visit the other pages of our website to see where you can plug in. It takes a village to preserve a livable climate for all children. Thank you for all you do!  

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