Together, we can create a healthy climate today.

We are harnessing the power of mama-bear love to push dirty fossil fuels out of California one community at a time to protect our kids' health and future.

We have a short but real window of time to act. We have the knowledge, skills, and much of the technology we need to keep the Earth’s temperature from rising to catastrophic levels. Now we need action.

Join a Local Team!

Our movement is led by our local teams of dedicated volunteers (mothers, grandmothers and other caregivers), who determine their community's needs and choose their own goals. We empower them with training, coaching, and ideas to move their communities and states from dirty to clean energy.

Team members come together to learn, strategize, meet with elected and business leaders, testify at hearings, and plan and show up at rallies and other events. At the same time, they add to their team – and their power – by hosting house parties and engaging new people.

Our teams welcome volunteers at all levels - from those who feel called to join a local team to those who only have time to sign a petition or attend an event. Knowing that it will take everyone to create a sustainable future for all children, we each do what we can.

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    Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 06:00 PM · 8 rsvps
    Willow Elementary School in San Ysidro, CA

    San Ysidro School Board Meeting

    Join us at the San Ysidro School Board meeting to adopt the Electric School Bus Resolution! Your presence could make a huge difference for our community.

    Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 07:00 PM · 10 rsvps

    Climate Smart Party & Facilitator Training!

    Join us for a free and interactive training where you'll experience a Climate Smart Party and learn how to host or facilitate one for your friends or neighbors. You'll meet great people, learn a ton, and help make the Climate Smart Challenge a big success!

    The San Jose Climate Smart Challenge is a city-wide effort to engage residents throughout the community in helping to achieve the ambitious goals of the Climate Smart San Jose plan in a way that also advances equity and empowerment. As part of small neighborhood teams or larger community groups, participants enroll in the Challenge via this online portal to measure our initial carbon footprints and then track the actions we take to be more climate smart (reducing our greenhouse gas emissions) and energy efficient (reducing our energy bills). The website is available now in English and Spanish and is being translated into Vietnamese as well. 

    Climate Smart Party Hosts and Facilitators play a key role in the success of the Challenge by hosting Climate Smart Parties and/or facilitating them. Attend this fun training to see if this is something you'd enjoy doing. We're excited to meet you! 

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    Moms Help Secure Major Victory for Clean Buildings!

    Thanks to mothers and others, San Jose just became the largest U.S. city to ban “natural” gas infrastructure in new construction, firmly securing its role as one of the nation’s most climate-smart cities!With an outpouring of public support, the San Jose City Council members unanimously approved a ban on the use of “natural” (fracked methane) gas infrastructure in several types of new construction: single-family homes, low-rise multi-family buildings (three stories or less), detached accessory dwelling units, and municipal buildings—starting in January, 2020.


    During Public Comments, Mothers Out Front South Bay members sat (where else?) up front!


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