Robin Ganahl

Tustin Team Lead


I used to ignore the headlines about climate change because I felt helpless to do anything about it. But when I took off my blinders and realized my daughters’ futures are in danger if we don’t act fast, my instinct to protect my kids took over and I absolutely had to do something. I became hopeful when I learned about the successes of the Mothers Out Front teams in Massachusetts. I started the first California team because I know there are mothers in the same boat that I was in who either don’t yet realize the threat climate change poses to their kids or who want to do something but don’t know where to start. And I think we have a real opportunity to make a difference!

I’m a native Midwesterner and have lived and worked on both coasts. Prior to organizing moms, I had a career as an engineer, web developer and IT project manager. But empowering other moms to protect our kids’ future is the most rewarding work I have done.

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