Working with allied groups, we are supporting four statewide campaigns:

• Fast-tracking 100% clean energy in CA with the California Clean Energy Act (SB 100)

• Disclosing top donors to campaign ads with the California DISCLOSE Act

• Reducing the influence of the oil & gas lobby with Oil Money Out, People Power In

• Ending the practice of watering CA crops with contaminated oil drilling wastewater 


The California Clean Energy Act: Senate Bill 100 (SB 100 - De León)

Do you want to see California powered by 100% clean energy as soon as possible?

Then help us pass SB 100!




Senate Bill 100 would make California the largest economy on earth committed to getting 100 percent of its power from wind, solar and other clean alternatives by 2045!  Click here for more information.  

The critical bill will fast-track California’s move to clean energy— by setting new timeframes for achieving the state’s renewable energy targets:

  • 100% of California’s electricity will be renewable by 2045

  • 50% will be renewable by 2026 (up from from 2030)

  • 60% will be renewable by 2030

Despite strong support from both the grassroots and top leaders in the CA legislature, this bill was held up in committe during the last legislative seaon and will be reintroduced in January, 2018.  

“With all the alarming news about extreme heat and wildfire impacts [and flooding] around the world...we need compelling and BIG ideas about how to transition to 100% clean energy. SB 100 is just such a bill and provides a great opportunity to [show that] California can and must move to clean energy as quickly as possible." - 350BayArea

Who your elected official listens to is up to you -- let them know you want them to do the right thing and support 100% clean energy by voting for SB 100!  

Join us in calling and meeting with our local elected officials to encourage them to support the California Clean Energy Act. 





Photo: The South Bay (San Jose) Mothers Out Front team hand-delivering 130 postcards from constituents to Assemblymember Evan Low's staffer, urging him to support SB 100.  


The California DISCLOSE Act: Assembly Bill 249 (AB 249 -  Kevin Mullin)

Celebration! After seven years of grassroots mobilizing led by the California Clean Money Campaign, the California legislature passed the historic DISCLOSE Act with bipartisan support and Governor Brown signed it into law on October 7th!  

Q: How does this relate to climate change, you ask?

A: Some of the top funders of ballot initiatives and other campaigns are oil companies, like Chevron, who don’t want voters to know that they are the primary backers.  

The DISCLOSE ACT will challenge Big Money by exposing the real names of wealthy special interests trying to buy elections — right on their own ballot measure ads.

When it takes effect in January, 2018, voters will finally see who is REALLY paying for ballot measure and campaign ads — on the ads themselves — with the top three donors prominently listed on a separate line each, with their real names.  

You can find more information here. 


Oil Money Out, People Power In



Are you frustrated when the profits of oil companies are prioritized over the livability of our planet? When important initiatives to protect our health and safety are stymied time and again by the influence of Big Oil?  

Then join the Oil Money Out, People Power In coalition!  

Effective action on climate change depends on minimizing the influence of oil money on our democracy. The fossil fuel industry is the biggest, most powerful, and wealthiest industry the Earth has ever seen -- and in order to take back our democracy and protect our children, our climate and our health, we must get their money out of the political system.   

Take action: Support the statewide coalition fighting oil money by joining the movement here:

Stop Watering Our Food with Oil Drilling Wastewater!



Did you know that toxic oil drilling wastewater is being used to grow some food in California?! This food is sold in grocery stores around the state and across the country! Some of the chemicals in the wastewater - like ethylbenene and toluene -- have been linked to cancer and reproductive harm.  

Do you want to feed your kids food grown with toxic wastewater?

If not, tell one of the companies engaged in this process, The Wonderful Company, that you won’t buy their products until they -- and Governor Brown -- put an end to this reckless practice. Sign the petition here:



Community Choice Energy - How Cities Can Get to 100% Renewable Energy

Did you know that your very own city could choose to bypass the utilities and directly source its electricity from renewable energy companies?

Cities across the country are pledging to switch to 100% clean energy. That’s because one of the most impactful ways a city can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions is by switching the source of its electricity to more renewable sources. California cities have the option of forming a Community Choice Energy (CCE) program (formally known as Community Choice Aggregation) to bring electricity purchasing under local control. Wouldn’t it be great if we could choose to buy “green” and “local” power the same way we choose to shop local for other items?

Our Mothers Out Front teams are at the forefront of working with our cities to get them to commit to Community Choice Energy.

San Jose Moving Ahead 

In May 2017, our South Bay team was able to help convince the San Jose City Council to form a Community Choice Energy program. When they realized that more public support for CCE was needed, the moms joined a coalition of other groups who had been working on the issue for six years. Within three months, the team was able to mobilize an enthusiastic show of support for CCE among San Jose residents, including collecting over 300 postcards in favor of CCE. The Friday before Mother’s Day, a group of moms and kids hand delivered these postcards to each of the 10 city councilmembers and Mayor Sam Liccardo from their constituents. The following week, the city council voted--unanimously!--to establish a CCE program, becoming the largest city in the country to do so. See this inspiring video of our moms and kids in action!



Tustin On Its Way

Mothers Out Front Tustin, in the heart of conservative Orange County, introduced the idea of CCE to Tustin’s City Council in the spring of 2017, meeting with the Mayor and Councilmembers to build bipartisan support for Community Choice. This fall, the moms were invited by the City of Tustin to present the case for Community Choice at the October 17th City Council meeting. The team has also partnered with local allies to form and lead the Orange County CCE working group called OC Clean Power, and conducts outreachs in the community to educate residents about Community Choice. Click here for more information.


The Tustin team meeting with the Mayor of Tustin to promote Community Choice Energy


San Jose’s Environmental Sustainability Plan 2.0

Do you want to see San Jose become the top sustainable city in the country? We’re on our way!

The South Bay Mothers Out Front team is excited to support San José’s new Environmental Sustainabilty Plan (ESP).  This ambitious plan based on input from residents (including some of us!) aims to establish San Jose as a global pioneer in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through innovation and community engagement in three key sectors:

  • Energy

  • Mobility (transportation & land use), and

  • Water

San Jose is committed to making “climate smart” decisions in its planning, including measures to reduce the risk of flooding along our rivers and shorelines. Mayor Sam Liccardo has set a goal of getting San Jose to 100% renewable energy by 2026 (less than a decade away—way ahead of the state!) 

Click here for more information!


Do you want a simple (and free) way to conserve energy at home?

Shhhh...don’t wake the sleeping peaker plant!

Peaker plants are the power plants that produce the most air pollution, so they are only used when needed to meet times of peak electricity demand. About 15% of air pollution from electricity comes from the use of these peaker plants just 1% of the time. So if we save during those peak times, it has a big impact on our air quality and climate!


Join our Mothers Out Front OhmConnect team to get text alerts when it’s going to be a time of peak demand, or, as OhmConnect calls it, an “OhmHour”. If you save energy during an OhmHour, you save money, reduce the need for expensive, polluting, gas-fired peaker plants, and we get a donation. That helps us expand to more communities!

Transitioning to renewable energy is much easier if we use less energy. So join our team and help speed up the transition to renewables!

Have a smart thermostat? It conserves automatically during an OhmHour! And you can always skip an OhmHour if it’s not a convenient time to power down. 



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